About Nutrilyze

Let food be thy medicine...

Our Mission

To help people live healthier lives using personalized nutrition.

Our Core Values

Precision Nutrition

We firmly believe there is no one diet fits all. Everyone has a unique biological story that determines the best foods for them.

Nutrilyze evaluates 31 different nutrients, up to eight biomarkers, and physical activity levels to determine the individual meal scores customized for you.

Evidence-based science

Nutrilyze scoring is based on US Dietary Guidelines, National Institute of Health, World Health Organization, American Heart Association and National Academies of Science and Medicine. We validate our match scoring model with evidence-based studies supporting their outcomes.

Help, not harm

Many popular fad diets were created for the few, but marketed to the many. Some of these can take a dangerous toll on an individual’s health if they are not biologically equipped to handle the nutrient imbalance.

Nutrilyze educates users with comprehensive nutrition profiles so they can understand meal sufficiencies, deficiencies and overall ingredients.

The Team

Joe Dunn
Co-Founder, CEO
Todd Whitaker
Co-Founder, COO

The Advisory Board

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