App Store Launch

Now Available on the App Store

Joe Dunn

It’s finally here. Nutrilyze launched on the App Store with over 1,600 meals across 120 restaurant brands around the Kansas City area. There were days we were told that personalized nutrition scoring, the core feature, would be too challenging. We’re fortunate to have had the support of numerous dietitians, professors, and medical professionals along the way to help us. We figured out how to stay true to the original vision, even if it took a little longer.

The question that keeps coming up is, “Why are you doing this?” The answer is personal and difficult to share. However, there are people out there that struggle everyday with their diet and overall health. I hope my story below sheds light on how I learned the food we eat should be helping and not hurting us.

It begins as early as I can remember. I was born with severe eczema – a hereditary, autoimmune condition that results in patches of itchy, red, rash-filled skin. During my teens I developed dyshidrotic eczema, a less common but more aggressive form of dermatitis that affects the hands and feet. For years, I was using all the lotions, topical steroid creams and even antibiotics to keep me from itching to the point of infection. It wasn’t until a few years ago that I learned that my diet was exacerbating these flare-ups. I had developed an allergy to tree nuts in high school, so I had started paying more attention to food, but I had no idea that foods such as dairy and gluten were some of the primary causes to the problems I was having. Likewise, adding foods naturally containing probiotics and omega-3 fatty acids was helping to reduce the inflammation. By modifying my regular eating habits, I experienced noticeable improvement. While this has worked for me, it may not work for many others. There is no one diet fits all. There are lots of variables, from activity, biometrics, and lifestyle information we currently capture to newer science like nutrigenomics and gut health, that have a major impact on what we should be eating. This is why we decided that personalized nutrition scoring would be the best way to answer the simple question: What should I eat?

So we set out to make something that could solve the problems of not just someone like me, but anyone looking for food-based solutions. It’s knowing what to eat and where to find it during that strict fitness regime, weight-loss plan, or perhaps most importantly, chronic disease management that could lead to an emergency room visit. Food should not be killing us. If anything, it should be the fuel or medicine that Socrates and Thomas Edison proclaimed it to be.

What’s Next:

This launch on iOS in Kansas City is part 1 of a 5-stage plan. Next, we will be implementing features to score recipes and meal kits, followed by scores adaptive to real-time user activity and genetics. We plan to take personalized meal scoring as far as it can go with the latest biotechnology. We’re always looking for feedback, so drop us a message if you have any recommendations for improvement.

Download on the App Store here.