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Where is Nutrilyze available?

Nutrilyze is currently available nationwide at more than 200 restaurant brands across 150,000 locations. As of January 2019, we have over 10,000 recipes on the platform as well.

Is there an Android version?

We’re expecting to launch an Android version in 2019!

Can I score my own meals?

Not at the moment, but we have big plans for this! We are adding popular recipes and meal kits with a home-cooked meal scoring feature coming soon after!

What if I have a health condition? Does the scoring work for me?

We are currently working on several alternative scoring models for diabetics and those with hypertension. We’re also planning to create scoring models for those on specialized diets such as ketogenic and DASH.

How does the scoring work?

Great question! Nutrilyze uses a dynamic nutrition scoring model that adapts to the individual based on activity, biometrics and dietary habits of the user. Overall meal scores are generated out of 100 with three major components: macronutrient sufficiency, vitamin & mineral sufficiency, and detriments. Nutrient dense meals with very small amounts of unhealthy nutrients like trans fat or added sugar earn higher scores. Meals with excessive calories and unhealthy nutrients or meals with empty calories receive lower scores.

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