Nutrilyze Philanthropy

Giving Back

Our Commitment

Provide 10,000 veterans with unlimited access to Nutrilyze products and services annually through After Action Network’s Buy One, Vet One program.

About After Action Network 501(c)(3)

After Action Network is a cooperative-based partnership system providing programs to veterans and civilians alike through a national network of nonprofits, for-profits, and government agencies. AAN helps connect veterans with the healthy activities and hobbies they enjoy.

Buy One, Vet One is a charitable sales promotion that provides products and services to veterans at little to no cost. All proceeds from Buy One, Vet One go towards supporting veterans and their families with positive and constructive activities, retreats, alternative therapies, career and housing opportunities, and much more.

Operation: Nutrilyze

Operation: Nutrilyze is a program in partnership with After Action Network 501(c)(3) to provide premium nutrition services that go above and beyond traditional Veterans Affairs standards. Over 79% of veterans face chronic disease conditions that directly impact their nutrition and well-being. We strive to reduce this number through our partnership with AAN by helping those who serve our country live their best lives when they return home.

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