The Science

Take the guess work out of eating healthy.

Nutrilyze is a nutrition scoring system customized just for you. Imagine the power of evidenced-based nutrition research, the wisdom of a nutritionist, and the confidence to feel good about the food you eat, all in a convenient app on your phone. Nutrilyze offers all that and more!

With Nutrilyze, sticking to your diet is easy:


Create your personal profile, or sync with Apple Health, so Nutrilyze can understand your nutrition needs.


Customize your diet plan by setting macronutrient ranges and dietary goals. Not sure what to choose? Nutrilyze offers advice to help you decide.


Explore a selection of recipes to make at home or meals to order when dining out at restaurants. Nutrilyze selects meals that are specifically chosen for you and shows you a percentage rating or “match score” that indicates how well the meal matches your personal nutritional needs.

How It Works

What is a Match Score?

Nutrilyze uses modern, evidence-based, nutrition research to provide the foundation for its match score. Nutrilyze synthesized this research and utilized it to create a complex algorithm that is the powerhouse driving the technology presented to you in a simple and convenient app.

However, no one diet fits all. Nutrilyze helps you discover and choose the diet that is right for you. The Nutrilyze Match Score goes beyond basic calorie counting. It uses a comprehensive nutritional analysis program that translates dietary guidelines and nutrition science into a mathematical model for evaluating the nutritional density and quality of meals. When your personalized information and dietary goals are added to the equation, Nutrilyze can generate match scores for meals to show you which ones are best suited for you.

Matching You Where It Counts

When creating your personalized match score, Nutrilyze goes beyond calorie counting. Nutrilyze accounts for a whole array of evidence based nutritional specifications that can vary for each individual. These include macronutrient and micronutrient needs, as well as accounting for what the individual may need to avoid (such as excess sodium, saturated fat, or added sugar). Each Nutrilyze Match Score is composed of three secondary match scores:

Macronutrient Match

The macronutrient score analyzes which meals will provide you with the ideal levels of protein, fats, and carbohydrates. Customize your macronutrient goals for optimized energy.

Micronutrient Match

The micronutrient score matches essential vitamin and mineral needs needs in meals to maximize vitality and sense of well-being. Setting your dietary goals helps Nutrilyze understand which vitamins and minerals are most important for you.

Detriments Match

The detriment score helps you avoid meals with undesirable qualities like excessive calories, saturated fats, added sugars, trans fat, sodium and other potentially harmful food components. Detriments can also be personalized.